Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine's Day Bunting

I love  bunting banners. They just make me happy. I don't really have any Valentines day decorations. So I wanted to make something. I saw a Valentines Day bunting banner on pinterest, but decided I wanted to do my own thing. 

I went through my craft stuff found some red, white and black paper. I went through my buttons and found some sparkly buttons I got for a project I never did. I then had the idea of cutting up some paper grocery bags for the back. Next up was my search for ribbon and I found some old lace. I am not sure how that piece of lace went unnoticed for so long. I just love lace.  

I have some old templates that I used to make the hearts and triangles. 

You will need
3 sheets of paper
a heart template or just use a cricut 
3 paper bags
a triangle template or cricut
Some sort of buttons
glue or two sided tape (I used tape)
Lace, string or ribbon
a hole punch

I put the bunting up by this quote on the wall. I think it went together nicely. 

1.) Once you have everything gathered trace the hearts and triangles. Once you have them traced cut them out.
2.) Glue or tape the hearts onto the triangles. Place your buttons in the center of the hearts and glue.
3.) Use a hole punch and evenly punch holes in the top two corner areas of the triangle. Except for the first and last triangle. You will only put on hole on each of these triangles to help connect the bunting.
4.) Connect the bunting with lace. You could choose not to use the hole punch and run lace across the top or the back. I did not have enough lace for that option.
5.) Find a spot to display your cute bunting.  

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