Sunday, February 9, 2014

Spell Book Necklace

For Christmas, I know it was a while ago, I made my sister in law one of these cute spell book necklaces. I saw that she had pinned it. So I decided to make one hoping she would like it. She did and so did a few other people. I found the tutorial at Ruby Murrays Musings.   

 Bryce really enjoyed aging the leather. 
  This craft calls for aged leather. I did not have any laying around so I bought some leather at Micheal's. To age it we poured a little rubbing alcohol on it. We (meaning the Mr.) let it burn for a few seconds. I Then sanded it and it looked aged. 

 What you'll need:

Small piece of scrap Leather, the more wrinkled and aged the better

Small scrap of Cardboard (Hard back of a notebook will do )

1 piece of printer paper

Scrap of decorative Paper

1 O Ring

a chain to put the book on

Gold Sharpie Pen (permanent marker)


Hot Glue Gun
Bull Dog clip/Bag clip
Needle (to punch a hole)
tape or printers tape

1. Take one piece of printer paper cut it into 1 inch slices along the width of the paper. Divide the paper up into 5 smaller pieces which should measure roughly 1& 3/4 inches  across. Make a big pile of these rectangles then fold them in half and squeeze them with a bag clip/bulldog clip. All of the folded 'spines' should be facing the same side and that side should be poking out of the clip.

2. From Cardboard cut 2 rectangles, 7/8ths of an inch by 1 1/4 inches, these will be the front and back of the book,the spine should measure roughly 5/8's by 1 1/4 inches.
-at this point I wrote Harry Potter Spells on a few pages. I think I did 12. 

3. Then tape them across the back leaving a hairs gap between the separate pieces, painters tape works best.

4. If you left enough gap you should be able to fold the cardboard into a book shape.

5. Taking a scrap of decorative paper, draw around the book cover, depending on how large a gap you left the measurement for this will vary. Add Double sided tape to the decorative paper and stick to the book cover, either side is fine.
6. Fold the book to give you a less flat book cover.

7. With a hot glue gun stick the wedge of papers folded 'spine' side down into the centre of the book cover, don't be scared to use a great big glob of hot glue, more is more in this case. Push down gently to make sure all the pages adhered nicely.

 8. Give it a little squish if you want your book to sit more closed, don't if you want an open looking book.

9. With Hot glue again take a scrap of leather and stick the outside of the book cover to it, you can trim round it once it's stuck, don't worry too much about the Leather looking rough or feathered at the edges, it's meant to look old right?
*make sure to make the leather piece a little big. 

10. Now for the fun part, I used a Sharpie in Gold with a fine tip and made a rough edge of Gold around the outside of the book cover.then smudged it with my finger to age it a little. To give the spine more definition take the Gold pen make a rough line and smudge it gently then add some small Gold dots, smudging again if it looks too crisp. These books are teeny tiny so unable to add a legible title or writing to it I made tiny dots of varying heights and smudged them. I just thought about where any text would be and put the dots there. 

11. Punch a hole through the cover preferably with a needle, put o ring in and the necklace chain.

The total cost was $11.00, they sometimes sell for $30.00.  

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  1. I want one of these, Jamie! You are so crafty you put my to shame.

  2. Love this Jamie. Hope things are going great for your family. Miss you on the team :)